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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

BigB's marriage

Started writing this blog as i have absolutely no mood to work today.
Last 3 days was absolute fun and we had a great time @ Vasanth's marriage.

Salem was the place and Monday(27th June) was his marriage. We had already planned for a small trip to Yercaud which is some 45 mts drive from Salem.
While others from Bangalore started on Friday night, Myself and Vig
started with Nag and his family in his car (on which he had
spent a good 16k for the music system and sunscreens.) on saturday.

We started around 3PM and after Hosur, nag started touching 140kmph on his
Santro Zing in the Hosur-Krishnagiri freeway. But Yeah, we were still alive and reached Krishnagiri @ 4.30PM. God probably realised that neither me nor vig
has had any enjoyment in our lives. From here, Nag (terrain karthikeyan) gave way to actual Narain Karthikeyan(Film). We were in Film's house at around 5.

After a cup of tea, Nag n his wife left for Salem and we guys (myself,vig,film
and nambi) went for gift-shopping and purchased good looking TITAN watches for
Vasanth and the bride. Back to Film's house, a great dinner, usual mokkai and
all were fast asleep at around 11.30PM.

Being the only sincere guy out of the lot, i got up at 6.30 in the morning and was ready for the trip to Yercaud but the other lazy bums got up late and readied themselves only at 10 when other friends in Salem had already started to yercaud. We started at 10.30 from film's house and met other guys in yercaud but not before trying to figure them out in ladies/gents/children's seats. Dont think too much. These are names of site-seeing places in yercaud. These were no great
places but offered good chill climate which was our only expectation.

Thanks to Nag, we had great lunch at the Travellers Bungalow in Yercaud.
We drove down to Salem and Vasanth had already booked a really comfortable lodge for all of us. Hats off to him. Amidst his marriage tensions, he had booked this lodge and a Qualis for us to commute to Yercaud.
Reception started at around 6.30 PM. It went very well. Spent good time with other friends and juns from chennai and hyderabad. Film and Nambi left for chennai that night itself. Rest of us planned for a movie and it had to be none other than Anniyan. I liked the movie more than i did when i first saw it in Bangalore. Back to lodge at 2 AM and we had less than 4 hrs to sleep.

We did manage to be in the Mandap at 6.45AM. Wedding knot was tied at around 7 AM. After taking breakfast, all of us were back to our lodge for a good game of cards. I am not sure but i think i got the highest score (???). Back to Mandap for lunch , wished vasanth again , vacated the lodge and headed to Rly Station. Intercity exp was on time and i should say this was one of my fastest 4 hr journeys. In the train,we started with cards and this time we played Trump. Only vig,Ak and thenga
knew the game. Myself,Lord and Gk were new but we had a real jolly time playing this game and teasing AK.

All is well that ends well. Here i am sitting in front of my laptop in the office
expecting another good get-together.



At Wednesday, July 20, 2005 3:08:00 AM, Blogger Govar said...

Haah.. nice feel good post. :) Have fun


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