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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Internet @ 63,4th Main

Well, after spending few months in identifying good Broadband service providers, i shortlisted Airtel and BSNL. Airtel had no installation charges (for BSNL, it is 1k) but unfortunately our house failed Airtel's connection feasibility test :(
Since BSNL was a Govt one, i had my own hesitations to go for it. Necessity made me go for it. Now to the amazing facts :

1. Within 2 days of application, telephone line was provided.
2. Within 7 days of broadband application , Internet was provided.
3. Engineers in the office were knowing all details of mine including my name which was awesome.
4. Offices were maintained well and had good number of counters to cater various offerings.

Way to go , BSNL



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