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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mani Ratnam is simpley superb !!!

Yday i watched the Tamil movie "Anjali" directed by "Mani Ratnam".
(The name itself means "precious stone" in Tamil). The director
needs no introduction as he is one of the famous directore of Indian cinema.

Coming to the movie , it is atleast 15 yrs old but i really wonder if
someone can comeup with such a classical movie now as this one; not
even in any other Indian/Foreign languages.

Story is very simple and revolves around a baby girl who is mentally
retarded. Pairs, Raghuvaran and Revathy live in a housing colony
along with their children. The first half is full of fun , thanks to a big
gang of kids in that colony. Its the 2nd half which is very touchy and
the director excels in capturing emotions of the baby, her parents,
brother and sister.

The baby's performance is just amazing and out of the world !!! 100/100
to the director who has extracted such an excellent show from the kid.
If you are too much involved in the movie, u cannot escape some tears
when the kid dies at the end.
I am not sure if it won any awards but to me, it is one of the best and
my all-time favourite movie.

Adding some more kudos, just the previous day, i watched "Bombay", another classic one from Mani Ratnam
which is about Mumbai riots following Babri Masjid incident.
Both Bombay and Anjali have such a contrasting story lines but the way director
has handled is just too good. To know more about Mani's other films , check the above site.

When it comes to Tamil cinema , we talk about Kamal Haasan but to
me the greatest Hero of Tamil cinema is Mani Ratnam.

Eagerly expecting his next big one.



At Monday, September 19, 2005 9:21:00 AM, Blogger abhinav said...

very true man.. i think hes a class act!brilliance personified


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